April 18, 2011

Financially literate..

If I would ask a group of my friends, " How many of you can cook better hamburger than McDonald's? " almost all of my friends would answer yes. I then ask, "So if most of you can cook a better hamburger, how come McDonald's makes more money than you?"

The answer is obvious: McDonald's is excellent at business systems. The reason so many talented people are poor is because they focus on building a better hamburger and know little to nothing about business systems.

Here's a good example of what I'm trying to convey dear readers. A friend of my father in Kota Damansara is a great artist. He makes a sizable amount of money. One day his mother's attorney called to tell him that she had left him around 120k of Malaysian ringgit. That is what was left of her estate after the attorney and the government took their shares. Immediately, he saw an opportunity to increase his business by using some of this money to advertise. Two months later, his first four-color, full-page ad appeared in an expensive magazine that targeted the very rich. The ad ran for three months. He received no replies from the ad, and all of his inheritance is now gone. He now wants to sue the magazine for misrepresentation.

This is a common case of someone who can build a beautiful hamburger, but knows little about business. When my father ask what happen and what he had learned, his only reply was that "advertising salesperson are crooks". My father after entering a class in sales and direct marketing really express his satisfaction of the classes. It really help him a lot, he said. But, after my dad asked him if he would willing to take a course in sales and direct marketing. His reply, "I don't have the time, and I don't want to wast my money."

The word is filled with talented poor people. All too often, they're poor or struggle financially or earn less than they are capable of, not because of what they know but because of what they do not know. They focus on perfecting their skills at building a better hamburger. Maybe McDonald's does not make the best hamburger, but they are the best at selling and delivering a basic average burger. It all comes own to your financial literacy and knowledge about the matter.

Well those are the points I'm trying to let you know. The hamburgers are merely metaphors or an example to help you understand better. There are a lot of people missing all this opportunities to expand their wealth through some simple knowledge. Do take notice.. If you guys want me to write more about the matter, do leave a comment.

Lutfi Adam..

April 6, 2011

What to write..??

If u guys had notice, its been ages since my last post. I'm lost.
Gimme some ideas....

Pretty PLEASE...!!!

March 3, 2011

Whats yours..?

My question for today is.. ' What keeps you studying other than fulfilling your dreams and ambitions.? '

For instance, everyone have their own motivation or fuel that keeps their engine running whenever the book came calling. But the main motivation for everyone must probably be to achieve their life long ambitions. Eying success along the tunnel has always been my motivation.

Surely, everyone have their own 'Fadhillah Khamsah' or 'Alex Ferguson' in their head that constantly reminds you to keep on going, to help you take that extra step further, that tells you never to give up, telling you everything is going to be better if.. if you just keep on going. Well, I do. But I'm not going to tell you who.

* * *
But, what keeps you going other than all those things.? For some people, it's the pressure of staying at the top or the pressure of trying to prove a point to everyone.

Me.? Its always been ' girls '. Yes, no kidding. GIRLS. You know that some girls find it hard to stay away from guys that are gorgeous and the smart factor always been the bonus to some. Some girls adore men that puts education their top priority at the moment. Of course girls wants to find a guy that can afford to support the well-being of their marriage to-be other than factors such as being pious, well-manured, humble and many more.

* * *

You know where I got the idea from,..? It was my brother. Here was the dialogue. I think.?

Me : abanglong, boleh tanya satu benda tak ?
Brother : ya, apa dia abangah? tanya la..
Me : apa dia yang buat abanglong semangat belajar selain nak berjaya?
Brother : perempuan. betul tak tipu.
Me : ( laughing ) tapi kenapa ?
Brother : baru lah perempuan minat dekat kita.

Although the conversation were never that polite and nerdy before. I can never say that the conversation really happen like up there.
In my mind... ' Bodoh nyaaaa ayat yang aku tulis, haha, macam la pernah berlaku..'

Yes, it was always been my side-motivator. So, the question was, ' Whats yours ? '

Lutfi Adam...

March 2, 2011


I've always been a keen observer whenever I got the chance to see a salesperson in action. One reason is because that person must have good communication skills to even have the chance of selling their product.

These days, communication is an essential skills that one must possess to get ahead in you're life. Promotions have always been the main beneficiary from a good communication at your office. You'll have no problems reaching out to you're co-workers and especially you're boss.

So, I'm asking you. If you're the boss of a big ass company that make loads and loads of cash. Who would you likely give a promotion too.?

Person A = never shy to speak out, always giving ideas, who you know have good communication skills

Person B = ' saya malulah nak beri pendapat ' or ' saya tak pandai lah nak terangkan dekat awak macam mana ? '.. You get the idea right.

In my mind.. ' baik kau jadi bisu shja, kalau mulut tu tak mahu guna, bagi mulut yang kau ada tu dekat orang bisu yang nak bercakap '

So, who would you choose to give the promotion too. If you're smart, you'll give it to person B. I'll be calling you a sucker for it.

You can see for yourself a few of the many benefits of good communication in the office. If you think otherwise, do give you're opinion and thoughts at the comment column.

Lutfi Adam..

March 1, 2011

23rd this month

I'm here filling the shoes of some bastard who forgot to announce this very important date on the news or, was is it because I was the one who miss the announcement. Either way, on the 21st this month, the date some students have been waiting for nearly 3 months had finally arrive.

In my mind.. thinking..
" kepala otak kau siapa ajar??,, sejak bila tarikh boleh bergerak.?? baru nak sampai konon.."

Hooray..!! I've been so bored at home. Now with the results finally here, I'm can't wait to renew my studying life at a brand new college. Hopefully with my results, I can. Good luck to my friends too.

wishing you all the best..
Lutfi adam...

its fascinating right.. how the date in the writing doesn't match the date in the title..
your call,, guess which one is true.. =p

February 28, 2011

I'm Making this one Public..


Well that quotation has been in my mind lately, ever since a friend of mine used it to defend what she said in the process of undermining the male gender. I'm talking worldwide. I'm not taken by about anything here, just dashing myself to tell you what I think about that particular quote.

Being an Islam, there are loads of obligation that restrain an Islam from doing something or anything that is consider a sin or to the well being of our self-respect. Those obligation towards Islam are there for a reason.

* * *
I'm going to talk about the usage of quotations in everyday life. I'm not against quotes or anything but some got it wrong on how to use it. I think..??

The purpose of quotes for me is..

"Opening Doors Of Awareness And Providing Insight Toward Discovering And Fulfilling Our Life Purpose"

Purpose of quotes are for opening new doors of awareness and provide insight concerning our specific mission in life.

Regardless of who you are, what your financial situation currently is, or where you are currently at in your life, each and every one of us has a specific life purpose.

Although each persons purpose varies, as sure as there is gravity, you have a specific purpose.

I never heard the Islam laws stating about the usage of quotes being haram yet alone being disallowed. Because without a doubt, they help us provide insight in certain situations in life.

* * *

But what I have to say is you can't contradict these quotes in all aspects of life especially in Islam. When a girl came up to me saying, haven't you heard the quote ' never trust a man' before as she heard what I had to say about girls. Of course I've heard of that particular quote and a thousands more before. I'm am not denying what you are saying is wrong but isn't it odd...?? If I say that the quote is true 100 percent true, what the Hell are you doing learning from male teachers.... or bother listening to the ustazs preaching about Islam... or yet alone,.. listening to you're dad's advices..

You got so tight up with these quotes that you let them stand in the way of your decision making or thoughts about something. I'm not saying its wrong to have a quotation as your personal motivator or you're fuel that keeps you going everyday but do not let it be your final say in everyday life. Got it..??

Do comment..

Do give a comment readers.. it lets me know someones reading my blog and boost my appetite to write more.. Thanks..

I'm not desperate.. Haha,, =P
Much Love..

February 27, 2011

Speak Up..!!

The best way to describe myself before these three wonderful years would have to be 'painfully shy'. Most people, who know me, like school acquaintances and teachers, will agree that I'm a very soft-spoken person. My close friends usually DISAGREE with this though, since I tend to open up a lot more and become outgoing when in their presence.

So, what made me change to the way I am today..?? I don't know really what happen, it just did.. Hahaha.. Confidence, self esteem, ?? Whatever it was, i'm glad. Because i'm now a good enough public speaker, a decent debater and many more..

Much love..

Facts about men girls should take notice..

I really hate it when a girl goes out saying all men are stupid. You are stating that your future husband, the one who is going to take care of you and your babies, the blessings to your well being to heaven,, stupid. Who's stupid now.

* * *
Of course la being the opposite sex, Allah created every creature of His with a purpose. The same way He created the moon to pull the tides and sun to give life to plants and other purposes. You don't go out saying men are stupid, well maybe he doesn't understands you in what so ever but that is still not a strong enough reason to do so. Allah created men and women to compliment each others flaws. Not to torment each others wrong doings.

The same way Adam and Eve was created. Well, talking about the matter,, which gender cause the fate of Adam and Eve to be send to earth at the first place. Not that i'm blaming Eve for her wrong doings back then, but it was the more feminine side of the gender was the one to blame, and yet,, you still had the nerve calling men stupid. Where's the shame in you..?? Please la.. Stop.. Because I never heard my friends calling you stupid.

* * *

So, here's a thing or two about men you should know that should really be taken in mind the next time you talk to one.

1- When a guy is saying he doesn't understands you, it simply means you're not thinking the way he is..
2- When a guy really likes you, he'll disregard all you're bad characteristics.
3- When you touch a guys heart, there's no turning back.
4- Giving a guy a hanging message like “You know what?!..uh…never mind!” would make him jump to a conclusion that is far from what you are thinking.

5- You can never understand him unless you listen to him.

6- When a guy tells you he loves you once in a lifetime. He does.
7- If a guy tells you about his problems, he just needs someone to listen to him. You don’t need to give advice.

8- A usual act that proves that the guy likes you is when he teases you.
9- If a guy lets you go, he really loves you

There's loads more, but i think 9 should be enough, u'll find out the rest when you fall in love with one..

You can never be to prepare..

Of all the crappy days I've ever had in the whole of my life... On a scale of one to ten, we're talking.. a minus six. And it's not as if I even have very high standards.

I was on my usual Friday walk to the mosque that day and for a long time, I was wearing 'kain pelekat' for the prayers that day.. It had always been a routine of mine every few and then walking my way to the mosque. Seeing my dad had always been to busy to go with me or because my other siblings had gone to their respective colleges earlier than me. Well, u get what i'm trying to say.

* * *

Back to my story, it was a minus six and surely you can anticipate what i am about to write. Being quite the traveler myself, I have quickly learn the many skills a traveler have to offer. One is that u must always plan you're journey. Yes, the mosque is from walking distance but you can never be to sure of what was going to happen. I remember vividly on that day that i checked the weather to prepare myself from heavy rain. But the skies were as clear as a beautiful morning rays can be..

So I had my short journey check and re-checked again after a quick sip of orange juice and quickly lock the doors. My mum wasn't home so I always bring myself a spare key in case anything should comes out. I quickly find my way out the gate door of the house a there I was,, walking my way to the mosque. A 'kain pelekat' covering my legs and a green baju Melayu complimented by a pair of selipar jepun.. I was quite hard walking in those pair of sandals but what the hack, it wasn't as if I planned to run in those.

* * *

Long story short,, a stray dog chased me and it rain heavily that day. I was soaking wet and the blisters on my feet really outdo myself running away from the dog. Well, u can never be to sure of whats to come, so traveling wise, you can never be to prepare.