March 2, 2011


I've always been a keen observer whenever I got the chance to see a salesperson in action. One reason is because that person must have good communication skills to even have the chance of selling their product.

These days, communication is an essential skills that one must possess to get ahead in you're life. Promotions have always been the main beneficiary from a good communication at your office. You'll have no problems reaching out to you're co-workers and especially you're boss.

So, I'm asking you. If you're the boss of a big ass company that make loads and loads of cash. Who would you likely give a promotion too.?

Person A = never shy to speak out, always giving ideas, who you know have good communication skills

Person B = ' saya malulah nak beri pendapat ' or ' saya tak pandai lah nak terangkan dekat awak macam mana ? '.. You get the idea right.

In my mind.. ' baik kau jadi bisu shja, kalau mulut tu tak mahu guna, bagi mulut yang kau ada tu dekat orang bisu yang nak bercakap '

So, who would you choose to give the promotion too. If you're smart, you'll give it to person B. I'll be calling you a sucker for it.

You can see for yourself a few of the many benefits of good communication in the office. If you think otherwise, do give you're opinion and thoughts at the comment column.

Lutfi Adam..


Anonymous said...

a well rounded person .

Lutfi Adam said...

what do you mean fin??

Anonymous said...

klau jd bos msti la nk well rounded one yg jd employee dia .

Lutfi Adam said...

Well rounded person? kalau la ada.. kan..

Anonymous said...

I want all my employees to look like Megan Fox..!!