March 3, 2011

Whats yours..?

My question for today is.. ' What keeps you studying other than fulfilling your dreams and ambitions.? '

For instance, everyone have their own motivation or fuel that keeps their engine running whenever the book came calling. But the main motivation for everyone must probably be to achieve their life long ambitions. Eying success along the tunnel has always been my motivation.

Surely, everyone have their own 'Fadhillah Khamsah' or 'Alex Ferguson' in their head that constantly reminds you to keep on going, to help you take that extra step further, that tells you never to give up, telling you everything is going to be better if.. if you just keep on going. Well, I do. But I'm not going to tell you who.

* * *
But, what keeps you going other than all those things.? For some people, it's the pressure of staying at the top or the pressure of trying to prove a point to everyone.

Me.? Its always been ' girls '. Yes, no kidding. GIRLS. You know that some girls find it hard to stay away from guys that are gorgeous and the smart factor always been the bonus to some. Some girls adore men that puts education their top priority at the moment. Of course girls wants to find a guy that can afford to support the well-being of their marriage to-be other than factors such as being pious, well-manured, humble and many more.

* * *

You know where I got the idea from,..? It was my brother. Here was the dialogue. I think.?

Me : abanglong, boleh tanya satu benda tak ?
Brother : ya, apa dia abangah? tanya la..
Me : apa dia yang buat abanglong semangat belajar selain nak berjaya?
Brother : perempuan. betul tak tipu.
Me : ( laughing ) tapi kenapa ?
Brother : baru lah perempuan minat dekat kita.

Although the conversation were never that polite and nerdy before. I can never say that the conversation really happen like up there.
In my mind... ' Bodoh nyaaaa ayat yang aku tulis, haha, macam la pernah berlaku..'

Yes, it was always been my side-motivator. So, the question was, ' Whats yours ? '

Lutfi Adam...


niK.. said...

like that ea???..hu3

Anonymous said...

Girls too..

Lutfi Adam said...

nik : haha, it's hard to believe aiyt..

Lutfi Adam said...

anonymous : we share something in common.. haha... nice.. =p

Anonymous said...

as for me,
lamborghini galardo!


Lutfi Adam said...

lamborghini galardo.. sweet.. =p

old friend said...

jap, asal ramai sangat yang guna id anonymous?? tulis la nama sendiri.. hehe.. tak kenal siapa..

Anonymous said...

because it is my passion ..
beside that, because i wanna build my dream house like the one that i design in the sims ..

Lutfi Adam said...

You already build what..!! ( chinese style )

ohh, good luck then fin..

zaim mahfuz said...

i LIKE this blog

Lutfi Adam said...

Zaim : It's either you like reading this lutfizain blog, or you like the blog you linked with you're comment??

Anyhow, thanks for reading my blog..
I'm a part-time photographer too..

nice =p..

Lutfi Adam said...

old friend : whoever you are,, you're not using you're real name either.. haha.. =p

Anonymous said...

chinese style ?
by the way, thanks .