March 1, 2011

23rd this month

I'm here filling the shoes of some bastard who forgot to announce this very important date on the news or, was is it because I was the one who miss the announcement. Either way, on the 21st this month, the date some students have been waiting for nearly 3 months had finally arrive.

In my mind.. thinking..
" kepala otak kau siapa ajar??,, sejak bila tarikh boleh bergerak.?? baru nak sampai konon.."

Hooray..!! I've been so bored at home. Now with the results finally here, I'm can't wait to renew my studying life at a brand new college. Hopefully with my results, I can. Good luck to my friends too.

wishing you all the best..
Lutfi adam...

its fascinating right.. how the date in the writing doesn't match the date in the title..
your call,, guess which one is true.. =p


Joker.. said...

Wahh Lutfi.. nice blog u have here.. keep it up man..


Lutfi Adam said...

thanks JOker..?? apasal lah semua orang tak tulis nama sendiri..
nak kenal pon susah..

Anonymous said...

nottingham ke ?

Lutfi Adam said...

No lahh, Spm results la..